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Modi government can ban triple talaq if Muslim community does not reform: Naidu

Even as the Supreme Court is currently hearing a bunch of petitions seeking a ban on the practice of triple talaq, Union minister M Venkaiah Naidu said today that if the Muslim community does not reform, the government may be forced to enact a new law that would effectively ban the practice of triple talaq. Naidu also said that it would be a very heartening development if the Muslim community could introduce changes on their own in regards to the practice of triple talaq. “It is for the society to take up the issue and it will be good if the society itself changed the practice. Otherwise, a situation may arise where the government will have to bring in legislation,” said Naidu.

Naidu explained that the protest against the practice of triple talaq is not intended to interfere in anyone’s personal issues; however, since the matter involves the rights of women, it has to be taken to its logical conclusion. Naidu gave examples from the past, wherein irrational practices in the Hindu society such as child marriage, sati and dowry were banned. “When it felt that such practices were against the society’s good, the Hindu society discussed them and brought in reforms. Some more reforms are also needed and efforts should be made in that direction,” Naidu said.

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