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Modi-government is pursuing discriminatory policy says West Bengal CM

images-1West Bengal Chief Minister and TMC supremo Mamta Banerjee accused the central government of pursuing ‘discriminatory’ policy against her state by not circulating new Rs500 notes in the state.

“The Central government is acting on discrimination policy. They have sent Rs500 notes to Rajasthan and other BJP-run states but have not sent a single Rs500 note to West Bengal,” said the WB chief minister.

She added that the rural India is dying. What will they do they don’t use cards?

She also claimed that three persons have died in the state because of the demonetisation.

On Monday I will talk with leaders of other political parties to decide the course of action. The demonetisation by the centre has caused financial emergency in the country and it’s a constitutional breakdown,” said Banerjee.

“We will take the fight to the streets. Let them arrest us. I want to save the people,” added the TPC supremo.

Banerjee also spoke to the RBI regional director Rekha Warriar and urged her to ensure that cash is available at all ATMs and Banks.

“I told her to ensure that cash is available at all the banks and ATMs as Common people should not face harassment.” Banerjee added.

Earlier this week the Bajerjee along with Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had demonstrated in front of RBI office in New Delhi to make pressure on the                                                             central government to roll back the demonetisation decision.

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