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Modi’s displeasure with BJP MPs embarrasses government

It was an embarrassing moment for the current central government when Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his disappointment with BJP MPs. PM Modi was disappointed with the fact that many of the BJP MPs were absent from both the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. PM Modi expressed his displeasure during the party’s weekly parliamentary meeting. Already, discussions are being held about the problems that arise for the government when its MPs fail to attend the parliament. PM Modi is also worried that lack of MPs will make it difficult for the party to carry out discussions and take decisions on important matters. It may be recalled that last week, the government failed to take up the bill on jurisdiction and settlement of maritime claims in Rajya Sabha due to lack of quorum.

PM Modi has also asked BJP MPs to organize fortnight programs of Sankalp Yatra as well as Tiranga Yatra in their respectivee contituencies. These will be part of the 70th Independence Day celebrations. “The Prime Minister said that this year there will be nationwide celebrations starting from August 9 till August 15. After this, for 15 days a sankalp yatra will be conducted throughout the nation, pledging development of nation and every individual,” Parliamentary Affair Minister Ananth Kumar said. PM Modi also said that 1947 was the beginning of a new India, but 2022 will be the year when the country becomes a force to reckon with.

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