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Modi’s Germany visit developments: Quantum leap in economic ties

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Germany visit is turning out to be hugely successful, as a number of agreements have been signed and new frontiers opened in economic cooperation. PM Modi met Chancellor Angela Merkel at a picturesque castle that is located near the capital city, Berlin. PM Modi was also given a ceremonial welcome in Berlin and he also inspected the guard of honor there. After meeting Merkel, Modi said that the two countries are focusing on outcome-oriented momentum in economic ties. PM Modi also said that the two countries are made for each other.

A total of 8 agreements have been signed between the two countries during PM Modi’s Germany visit. Germany has also pledged 1 billion euros for development cooperation. Speaking about the issue of terrorism, Merkel said that both India and Europe are facing the threat of terrorism and this will be taken up for discussion during the G20 meeting. PM Modi and Merkel also deliberated on other topics such as cooperation in renewable energy, infrastructure development, Afghan relations, China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative, climate change, etc.

Later, while addressing the Indo-German Business Summit, PM Modi also talked about the launch of GST, saying that it is among the most historic reforms to be implemented in the country.

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