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More pilgrims heading to Amarnath even after terrorist attack

Newspatrolling: When terrorists attacked pilgrims going to Amarnath, they must have thought that they could spread fear among pilgrims and stop them from going on their pilgrimage. However, data reveals that even more pilgrims are heading to Amarnath since the terror attack that occurred on July 10 and resulted in the deaths of 7 people and injuries to 19 others. On July 10, the total number of pilgrims who started their journey towards Amarnath was 2,430. The terrorists would have thought that the numbers would decrease after their terror attack, but on July 11, a day after the attack, the number of pilgrims increased to 3,289. And the numbers are rising ever since, indicating that pilgrims are not afraid of terror attacks and have complete faith in the almighty.

On July 12, the numbers went up even higher to reach 3,500. Then, on July 13, it increased to 3,791. Today, on July 14, the number is still higher at 4,105. The pilgrims are heading to the high altitude cave shrine of Amarnath, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The batch that stated its journey today comprised 3,111 men, 892 women and 102 sadhus and sadhvis. They are heading towards Baltal and Pahalgam base camps in protection of police and CRPF.

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