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More than 1200 NGOs given notice for financial irregularities

Continuing with its fight against corruption, the government has given notice to more than 1,200 foreign-funded NGOs. As per the notice, these NGOs have violated the strict law that deals with regulating money received from overseas donors. Sources revealed that notices have been issued to as many as 1,200 NGOs and these entities might end up losing their license if they do not get their house in order. With so many scams and ever increasing risk of terror attacks, the government cannot be complacent when it comes to tracking foreign fund sources. With thousands of foreign-funded NGOs, it is very difficult to track where the money eventually goes to or for what purpose it is utilized. What if the money is being channeled to support terror activities? If not terrorist, it can easily be given to Naxalites that are active in various states in India.

The matters become worse when NGOs themselves do not take responsibility to properly maintain their account books and follow procedures as per the applicable laws. The various NGOs that have been issue notices include Sri Ramakrishna Math, Ramakrishna Mission, Indore Cancer Foundation Charitable Trust, Madani Darut Tarbiyat and Coimbatore Christian Charitable Trust. Already, the government has banned various NGOs for violating the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act. The Home Ministry said that it cared for NGOs, but they should also conduct their work as per law.

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