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More than 130,000 flee after Bali volcano eruption threat

After scientific instruments detected a major possibility of the Mount Agung volcano eruption, more than 130,000 people have fled the nearby regions. This is being considered as one of the biggest movement of people in relation to an expected volcanic eruption. According to the disaster response team that is monitoring the situation, the total number of people who have been evacuated has increased to around 134,200. The people who are leaving their homes include the ones that were located in the immediate risk zone of the volcano as well as those who are living beyond it. The volcano is located on an island, which is a popular tourist destination, known for its lush green jungles, beautiful beaches and enchanting Hindu culture.

People who have left their homes are currently living in various parts of the island. They are living in temporary camps as well as other available spaces such as public buildings and sports centers. The number of people leaving their homes has increased significantly after the highest alert was issued by the authorities. Cows that were left behind by people are also being evacuated now. The immediate risk zone is around 12 kilometers from the center of the volcano. The Agung volcano had last erupted in 1963 and at that time it had caused the deaths of 1,100 people. Volcanologists have detected increased activity in the last week, but they are still unable to accurately predict the exact date and time of eruption.

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