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More than 20 polluting bars and restaurants shut down in Delhi’s Hauz Khas village

Taking action against polluting commercial establishments in Hauz Khas village in Delhi, the authorities today sealed around 20 restaurants in the area. The shutdown of the restaurants was based on the order issued by the Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC). The authorities had found that many of these restaurants were operating without a license and not following proper waste disposal norms. The authorities reasoned that allowing such restaurants to continue would pose a threat to the health of people who visit these restaurants. Since these establishments do not have license, they often get away with issues related to quality of food, hygiene and waste disposal methods. Some of the restaurants that were sealed today were big establishments and quite popular among people. However, people seldom ask about the quality of food served at such places, even though they may be delighted with the taste of the food.

There are various norms that restaurants are required to follow such as proper treatment of discharge water, following mandatory sanitation and hygiene practices, setting up of oil and grease trap, provision of channelization system in kitchen, etc. The restaurants that were sealed today were found to be lacking such compliance measures. The sealing of the restaurants was carried out under the supervision of SDM of Hauz Khas Ramchandra Shingare. Adequate security arrangements were made to avoid any law and order problem. The sealing was successfully completed without any resistance from restaurant owners. The restaurants were given 3 months’ notice earlier and the sealing was ordered since the restaurants failed to comply with regulations even in the 3 months period allotted to them. Notices have also been sent to other restaurants and action can be taken against them as well.

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