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More trouble for BJP in Haryana, as leader allegedly stops ambulance causing patient’s death

After BJP Haryana President’s son was booked for stalking a woman, yet another case has emerged that has created more trouble for the ruling party. In the latest case, a BJP leader in Haryana has been accused of stopping an ambulance, which caused delay in providing treatment to the patient. Due to the delay, it is alleged that the patient died when he finally reached the hospital. The incident occurred when the ambulance hit BJP councilor in Fatehabad, Darshan Nagpal’s car. It is alleged by the family members of the patient that Nagpal chased the ambulance after it hit his car and blocked its way. It is alleged that Nagpal blocked the ambulance for around 30 minutes, resulting in delay in providing the required treatment to the patient. By the time the patient, 42-year old Naveen Soni reached the hospital, he was declared dead.

However, the BJP leader has denied the allegations made against him. The patient’s older brother Sitaram Soni said that Nagpal chased the ambulance and after blocking its way, he demanded compensation for damages. He said that the doctor told them that if they could have come 15 minutes earlier, they could have saved the patient. However, Nagpal said that he had allowed the ambulance to proceed even when it had hit his car. “There is no question of stopping the ambulance, ask anyone present there. I believe in service how can I stop an ambulance,” Mr. Nagpal said. A case has been registered and the police have called both parties for the investigation.

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