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Mosque creating noise pollution, says ICSE Class 6 textbook

Newspatrolling: A major controversy has been created after an ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) Class 6 textbook has listed mosque as a source of noise pollution. The claim that mosques are a source of sound pollution has been made through an illustration featured in the textbook. The illustration shows the image of a train, car and airplane and alongside these, a mosque is also drawn. All of these including the mosque are shown to be creating sound pollution. A man is also shown in the image holding his hands over his ears, which essentially means that he is irritated by the noise of these things including the mosque.

The issue of mosques creating disturbance may be true, especially for people living near mosques, but to show this in a school textbook is an altogether different story. The illustration showing mosques as a source of sound pollutions has been criticized by many people. However, ICSE said that it cannot comment on the mater since it has not prescribed these books to schools. Gerry Arathoon, chief executive and secretary of the Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations said that it is the responsibility of the school and the publisher to ensure that there is no objectionable material in the school textbooks.

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