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Most Beautiful Places in Australia for Romantic Souls

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For a continent dominated by a barren landscape, Australia has a large number of resorts that are perfect for enamored couples and newlyweds. We are referring not only to the Great Barrier Reef or the New South Wales coast, as there are places all over the country that offer the perfect romantic getaway. From the hills and dense rainforests to sandy beaches, Australia has the ideal setting for romance.

The exoticity of Byron Bay

We start from the most populous Australian state, that is, its southeastern corner where among tropical rainforests lies Byron Bay. With the average elevation of merely 3 meters, you don’t have to be a genius to find out that the beachfront is where you and you’ll partner will spend most time at if you decide to come. And there is plenty to do there, from surfing, all the way to scuba diving. Many Australian come each holiday to this seaside town but the foreigners perhaps get more excited as they can watch whales from headland vantage points like the Captain Cook Lookout. That is why the best period to visit is between June and September. The Bay also features luxurious spas, so you’ll have plenty of time to relax with your loved ones after a long day at the beach.

Getting lost in the north of Queensland

The very north of Queensland’s east coast features one of a kind landscape. Here lies the Daintree Rainforest, just a few minutes’ drive from the coast and the seaside town of Thornton Beach. It forms the part of the largest continuous forest in the Australia continent and since there are many such woodlands, it’s clear why Daintree Forest stands out. Part of its charm is the effort the state and the local community have put into developing tourism, so you won’t be lacking anything. There is a visitor’s center, a walkway, and a canopy tower which is the most romantic spot in the rainforest. You can also visit the Heritage Lodge and enjoy the local cuisine. If you’re really up for an adventure, there are several guided walking tours that last up to four hours.

Getting wed in Hunter Valley

Moving southward to New South Wales, there is one special place north of Gold Coast and Sydney. The region is known as Hunter Valley and its biggest allure are the countless vineyards the landscape is dotted with. The wine industry is over two centuries long here, as Shiraz and Semillon are the most popular wine brands. Tourists don’t visit Hunter Valley just for tours through wine cellar but because of accommodation deals that are tailored for weddings and conferences. The local hospitality staff has plenty of experience when it comes to small to medium scale weddings with catering and the reception ceremony included.

The Reef sunsets

The largest coral reef system in the world needs no special introduction, but we bet you didn’t know that the Great Barrier Reef is a popular romantic getaway. Located on the Coral Sea off the cost of the aforementioned Queensland, the area is abundant with romantic scenery straight out of a fairy tale. When it comes to the accommodation, there is a little bit for everyone, as you can stay in one of the hotels, beach bungalows or pontoon that are adrift in the ocean. The numerous islands allows for a greater level of privacy, so you can even have the entire beach for yourself. The biggest draw for tourists to this island paradise are the sunsets. They are so romantic that couples come here just to sit down at the beach holding hands and waiting for the sun to set. After that, they can head to and of the beach bars that organize beach parties. If you ever grow bored of the sand, you can always head to the sea on any of the yachts that you can charter or simply pay to stay on, increasing the level of romance to the max!

Take a walk on the wild side of Tasmania

Finally, we have the island of Tasmania that few Australia would recommend as a romantic getaway. However, once you drive away from the capital of Hobart, the scenery becomes breathtaking with one major climate difference compared to the mainland: the air is more humid. That is why there are lush rainforests as far as the eye can see. If you two are looking to escape into nature, then the best spot to head to are the shores of Lake St Clair that will take you only 2,5 hours to reach from Hobart. You can grab a canoe there and enjoy the eternal mist as rainforests and snow-capped mountains for the perfect scenery for a kiss of a lifetime. There is luxurious lodging nearby, so you won’t have to worry about provisions but could fully let go in this timeless landscape.

Whether it’s a beach in Queensland or a tropical rainforest in Tasmania, Australia has it all. Romantic holidays in The Land Down Under are becoming increasingly popular, so hurry up to secure your piece of paradise now!

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