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Most Comfortable Underwear for Big Butts

underwearBlessed with a bottom everyone is jealous of? Well, we’ve got your back (literally) because we all know the struggle is very real. Finding the perfect underwear to fit your butt can be pretty tricky. Finding the right underwear for yourself can be a task but taking care of a little checklist for the perfect innerwear wouldn’t hurt anyone. If your underwear is bunching or is digging into your skin then you either have a size too big or a size too small.

They not only create discomfort, but they can also lead to many health risks. You can become vulnerable to many infections and experiences that can create major problems in the future. Instead, opt for such underwear that is made and designed to cater to big butts. After all, at the end of the day, our butts are just a part of our awesome selves. Introducing Micro Modal, the magical fabric we all have been dreaming of and that will take away all the big, bad, booty problems with it.

Micro Modal

Underwear nowadays are made from fabrics like Modal, which is one of the most comfortable fabrics available in the market today. Modal is such fabric which is 50% more absorbent than regular cotton, is lighter than cotton and has a tendency to take dye colours pretty well, which means more bold and bright colours that won’t fade away in time. However, it does come second to ‘Micro Modal’ which does top the list of the softest and silkiest fabric for your undies. Micro Modal not only has all the same features as a Modal fabric, it truly adds up to it too. And if you are someone who has a fine big bottom, softness is the feature you would require and surely desire. Micro Modal is finely knitted in comparison to Modal and adds more softness without weighing the fabric down. But what will the softest fabric do, you ask? Well, apart from feeling good, its features like seamless fit and super stretchy comfort are bound to make you feel lighter than air on the inside. And since that big booty takes a little bit more space than others, ‘stretchy’ could be a new mantra for you!

The soft fabric prevents the underwear from digging into the hips and thighs, accommodating nicely to that big butt. No more squeezing your bum into tight, confined spaces. Underwear with flat stitches ensures that edges are not digging into the skin by making the fabric laid flushed against the skin. Micro Modal makes you forget how wedgies feel, literally! They can now just be a part of your childhood nightmares and nothing more. Say bye-bye to awkwardly adjusting yourself in public.

Today in the market, we have many innerwear options and brands to choose from. They all provide different styles, cuts, builds, designs, sizes and what not to accommodate all your booty needs. One only needs to access the internet & get the right pair, cause that big booty requires nothing but the best!

By :Yogesh Kabra, Founder of XYXX

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