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Most Popular Corporate Gift Ideas For Employees

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Corporate gifts for employees are a great way to keep the staff motivated, which is why many organizations follow this approach. The delight and satisfaction of employees is even more when you give them something they like. To ensure optimal satisfaction, let’s take a look at some of the most popular corporate gift ideas for employees.

Latest electronic gadgets: These are the current flavor in terms of corporate gifting and include gadgets like mobile phones, e-book readers, and tablets.Men prefer these the most, so these could be considered as the first choice for male employees. However, since these can be a bit expensive, it would only be given to the most deserving employees.

Mobile accessories: These include things like headphones, pen drive, power banks, Bluetooth devices, VR headsets, chargers, data cables, and smartwatch. These can be given to employees associated with a specific project or department.

Festival gifts: The happiness doubles when employees get gifts at the time of festivities. Corporate gift ideas on festival include things like gift hampers, cakes, sweets box, flowers, dry fruits box, etc. These are usually given to all employees including permanent and temporary staff members. These are gifted at the time of Diwali, Christmas, or New Year.

Personalized gifts: These include gifts such as diary, table/wall clock, gym bag, backpack, water bottle, keychain, desk calendar, pen stand, coffee mug, laptop bag, wallet and notebook. Personalized gifts have the company’s name and logo, which provides the right motivation to employees.

Gifts for home: These include things like glassware, dinner set, silver serving set, photo frame, vases, coasters, home furnishings, etc. These items will stay with employees for a long period of time and continue to inspire them.Women would be most delighted to receive these gifts, which can be given during special occasions such as Women’s Day, Diwali, etc.

Personalized clothing: These include company branded t-shirts, shirts, trousers, jackets, cap, etc. Personalization can also be done at project level or department level. For example, finance department employees could be given personalized t-shirts that have specific messaging related to finance. Similarly, other teams and departments could have their own unique personalization elements. However, company name and logo will be common to all such personalized clothing items.

For getting top quality corporate gifts for employees at affordable rates, it is better to hire a reputed corporate gift supplier. Before placing the order, you can ask for a few samples to check the quality of gift items. Following this process will ensure the best outcomes from your corporate gifting initiative.


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