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Most Useful Corporate Gift Ideas For Diwali

When it’s Diwali time, most organizations follow the practice of giving gifts to their employees. The type of corporate gifts for employees has undergone significant changes over the decades. For example, in the 80s and 90s, the preferred option was a box of sweets. This option is still popular, but now it is accompanied by other gifts. Today’s generation is no longer satisfied with just a box of sweets, so naturally organizations have to focus on things that their employees like most.

In recent years, latest electronic gadgets have emerged as the preferred choice of employees. If you are looking for corporate gift ideas for employees, here’s some cool stuff you can buy for your staff this Diwali.

Memory and storage: With so many selfies, photos and videos, most of us are running out of storage space on our mobiles and laptops/PCs. So, memory and storage devices will be the perfect Diwali gift. Depending on available budget, you can consider various items such as Micro SD card for mobile phones and pen drive and external hard drives for laptop/PC.

Rechargeable batteries with charger: Various gadgets such as mobile phones, digital cameras, etc. will be extensively used during the festive season. To keep these devices running, rechargeable batteries can come very handy. Rechargeable batteries with charger are now among the most preferred corporate gifts for employees.

Electronic diyas: Diwali is the festival of lights, so organizations can consider gifting electronic diyas / tea lights to their employees. These are available in various colors and can be powered wirelessly via standard battery cells. Electronic diyas and tea lights are much easier to manage and they can be kept lit all throughout the night.

Sound activated laser light: These devices are great for adding more fun to Diwali celebrations. It would be delightful for your kids and can also work to boost the party mood if you are hosting one at your home this Diwali. The laser lights are programmed to dance to the tune of music being played.

Power extension cord: With a plethora of lighting and other equipment being used during Diwali, it is possible that one may run out of plug points. A power extension cord can be very useful in such situations.

For bulk buying of corporate gifts for employees, it would be better to on-board a corporate gift supplier. It will allow you to get the most appropriate gifts within your budget. A corporate gift supplier will also be able to guarantee the quality of goods supplied and ensure timely delivery.


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