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Most Violent Year For Children In Afghanistan, 900 Killed in 2016: UN

Afghanistan continues to feel the wrath of the terror groups, in 2016 alone around 3,498 people, including 923 children were killed due to terror strikes.

United Nations, Afghanistan, Most Violent Year for Children

The United Nations (UN) termed 2016 as the most violent year for children since it started keeping records.

The UN mission also reported a significant rise of 25% in children deaths.

It also said that around 7,920 people were wounded due to the ongoing conflict. The number has been increasing regularly and it is very sad, said a UN official.

This was another all-time high figure of deaths among children and extremely concerning as well.

The Taliban has been continuously insurgent against the Afghanistan forces since last 15 years. It has gained momentum in 2016 as US and NATO forces formally left Afghanistan and Afghan forces have not been able to contain the terror groups.

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