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MOTHER – DAUGHTER as the Stylish Duo

The mother-daughter relationship is the most powerful bond in the world and can affect everything from health and self-esteem to all other relationships, say experts. They can go from fighting to laughing in a second, but one thing remains constant—their unconditional love for one another.

But imagine taking this, sometimes, tumultuous relationship into the business world. Here is Jacqueline Kapur and Ayesha Kapur the mother-daughter duo who are not only strengthening their relationship each day, but also making waves as entrepreneurs and running the show with great aplomb.

ayesha (the brand) deals with a range of artificial jewellery, fun bags, hair accessories and everything else a young woman needs to feel good and is being run by the successful mother-daughter duo of Jacqueline Kapur (co-founder, president) and Ayesha Kapur, (designer, co-founder, face of the brand ayesha).

Jacqueline expresses, “The idea came up when Ayesha and I were travelling around merchandising things for my shop, Casablanca. We came across a multitude of beautiful accessories in the production lines, none of which could be found in the organized retail market. It started off only 5 years ago with a corner in my multi-brand store Casablanca, Pondicherry. After the almost immediate overwhelming response, we decided to take this little venture onto a larger scale.”

Talking about getting into business at the age of just 15, Ayesha says, “It definitely wasn’t planned. Even when I was only five years old, I would accompany my mother on buying trips and always told her if I liked something or not. Being the ‘face’ and designer of Ayesha, also means that I am strongly involved in creating design concepts, marketing operations of the brand and the occasional fun photo shoots.”

For Jacqueline, the experience of working with her daughter has been great. Jacqueline is not only the mother of a young daughter, the one who has to set limits and guidelines, but also her partner in a joint venture. Ayesha doesn’t see her only as a restricting force in her party life, but as an equal-level partner in a project she enjoys. More than building up a business together, it’s an incredibly valuable and fun experience to work together. Ayesha says, ‘Not just professionally she has helped me she has played a great role in my personal life by teaching me how to focus, be independent, strong and speak my mind’.

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