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Movie Review : Pyar ka Punchnama

Release Date:  October 16, 2015

Cast:KartikAaryan, NushratBharucha, OmkarKapoor, Ishita Raj, Sunny Singh, SonnalliSeygall

Director:Luv Ranjan


Duration: 2 hours 36 minutes

pyar ka panchanama 2

The trend of sequels continues with PyarkaPunchnama 2 (PKP2). The movie could have been an extension of the earlier story, but the movie makers chose to start from the beginning, i.e. people coming together and falling in love. The movie revolves around the lives of close friends and roomies Anshul (Kartik), Tarun (Omkar) and Siddharth (Sunny) who fall in love with Ruchika (Nushrat), Kusum (Ishita) and Supriya (Sonnalli), respectively. Thereon, it’s a journey of great discovery, where the three roomies realize that being in a relationship is not so rosy after all, especially when their partners turn out to be hugely manipulative, possessive and potential gold diggers.

Relationships do get into trouble and that’s the core sentiment that PKP2 tries to bring out to the audience. Things that start on a positive note and bring cheer and happiness, later turn out to become stories of ’emotional hatyachar’, as portrayed by the three male protagonists of the movie. The ‘running around trees’ story comes to a screeching halt, as the various whims andfancies of their partners leave the three friendsemotionally battered and financially bruised. They just don’t know how to deal with the situation and are left with no other option but to share their experiences with each other, often going great lengths to describe the seemingly insurmountable stupidity, foolishness and frivolity of their partners.

The petty squabbles between the couples are quite unique, but they tend to get monotonous after a while. However, the attempts the friends make to describe the idiosyncrasies of their partners do bring out some good laughs. The 7 minute long monologue by Anshul, which comes out at the peak of his frustration, is especially worth watching. The funny one liners are also good, which keep the audience hooked. The movie appeals to a masochistic audience and is equally pleasurable for people who are there to enjoy a few laughs.

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