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Movie Review: Rocky Handsome

Rocky Handsome

Rocky Handsome

Release Date:  March 25, 2016
Cast: John Abraham, Diya Chalwad, Shruti Haasan, Nishikant Kamat
Director: Nishikant Kamat
Genre:  Action, Crime, Thriller
Duration: 02 hours 04 minutes

Relations built upon shared pain can be stronger than those we commonly see in everyday life. This is one of the core messages that Rocky Handsome conveys to the audience. It’s a story about two heart stricken individuals, Kabir (John) and 8-year-old Naomi (Diya), who are both lonely and have psychological scars and personal tragedies to deal with. While Naomi suffers due to her mother who is a drug addict-peddler, Kabir has lost someone special in life, prompting him to become a recluse and live a discreet life. The talkative kid sows seeds of joy in Kabir’s heart, and he starts to see things in a new perspective. When she is kidnapped and her life is endangered, Kabir decides to make the goons pay for their grave mistakes.

The film is set in Goa, and the scenes and locales are effectively devised to give a sense of mystery and thrill. John’s potential as an action hero has been fully utilized in this movie. You will get to see plenty of John’s ripped physique and his mastery at hand-to-hand combat that provides the maximum thrill. The lean, mean, fighting machine delivers the explosive power needed to bash up the bad guys. Shruti Hassan comes in as a special appearance and has done a decent job, adding some lighter, prettier moments to the story.

The film scores well on the action and thrill aspects, but it fails to properly blend in the emotions that Kabir and 8-year-old Naomi share between them. The connect between the two is certainly missing, which is a disappointment since this crucial aspect links it with the rest of the story, when Kabir goes after the goons to save the endangered kid. Another issue is the film’s casting, which does not seem proper because most of the actors don’t feel like they belong to Goa. Director Nishikant also seems to have messed up with his decision to play the role of mafia gang lord Kevin Pereira. He has been unable to portray a strong adversary, who could have taken on the mighty John.

Go for Rocky Handsome to enjoy the superb action sequences and to see John’s expertise at combat scenes, his fast moves, and the conviction with which he kills the bad guys. As for the rest of it, you may have to bear it out.

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