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Movie Review : The Silent Heroes

Release Date:December 11, 2015

Cast:MaanuvBharadwaj, PriyankaPanchaal, Mann Bagga, Simran Deep, Nirmal Pant, Simran Deep Kau

Director:Mahesh Bhatt


Duration: 1 hour57 minutes

the silent heroes

The Silent Heroes captures the indomitable spirit of 13 real deaf children who battle the society’s prejudice against them as well as nature’s fury to finally emerge as heroes.

The story is set in the picturesque Himalayas, where these 13 children go out for a trek to prove that they are different but not disabled. As they take part in the preliminary training routines to get them acquainted with the terrain and climate, they become the subject of ridicule by other fully-functional people who believe that these deaf children can never complete the training. Even their instructor does not have much faith in their abilities and constantly discourages them all throughout the trek. However, the tables are turned when the instructor gets badly injured in an accident and it’s the deaf children who show their skills, presence of mind and courage to save their instructor and prove their worth.

Being deaf in real life, acting like one in a film comes naturally to these 13 children, most of whom have done a good job, especially when we consider that it’s the first time they are facing the camera. The film’s script, however, is not as good, since it tapers loosely along, all while failing to properly connect the various sub-plots. And about the director Mahesh Bhatt? Well, this is not the legendary director we know, but a newbie with the same name. However, just like the original Mahesh Bhatt’s films, this film does manage to touch an emotional chord. May be people with same names have something in common or maybeit’s just an instance of pure coincidence.

Watch this film for its simplicity, the courage and resilience of the 13 deaf children, and some nail-biting moments in the second half.

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