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MP police arrests 10 people for attempting to convert tribal children to Christianity

The Madhya Pradesh police today booked 10 people on the charges of attempting to convert tribal children to Christianity. All the arrested have charged under Section 3/4-4 of the Madhya Pradesh Religious Freedom Act 1968. The police also said that it has rescued all the 71 tribal children who were being converted to Christianity. The police said that 60 of the minor tribal children, 32 boys and 28 girls, were bought back to safety by the Ratlam GRP. The remaining 11 minor tribal children, 7 boys and 4 girls, were brought back to safety by the Choti Gwaltoli police station in Indore. The police have recovered several Bibles from the rescued tribal children, who claim that they have been reading the holy book since a long time.

The authorities have communicated with the parents of the rescued children and further discussions will be held with them. Although the arrested people say that proper consent was taken, the state government considers this as an act of religious conversion. Speaking about the development, Madhya Pradesh home minister Bhupendra Singh said that there is a proper law for dealing with religious conversions, which has been created to ensure that people are not swayed by monetary of other benefits. He said that it is mandatory to inform the magistrate when taking such actions, but in this case, no such communication was made to the magistrate.

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