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mPoint – A revolutionary new product for cashless transactions across India

The debate over cash or cashless may continue, but one thing is sure that the future is certainly going to be digital. Going cashless may not be all that difficult, especially with increased use of mobile devices and internet connectivity. If you believe cashless is the future and are looking for a simple, safe and secure product that will let you do cashless transactions, then you definitely need to download and try mPoint. This revolutionary new product allows customers to make cashless payments and businesses to accept cashless payments, directly to their bank account. For customers, mPoint is their wallet and for businesses, mPoint is their bank account.

How mPoint works

For making payments – Customers need to download and install the mPoint app, sign-up, and enter their credit/debit card information. Now, whenever they buy something, they can use mPoint to make cashless payments. They just need to enter the amount and mPoint will generate a corresponding QR Code, which will have the information required for the payment. The seller/merchant then scans this QR code using the mPoint app, and the money gets immediately transferred to their bank account.

For accepting payments – mPoint is a great product for sellers to accept cashless payments. Businesses just need to download and install the mPoint app, sign-up, and enter their bank details. Now, whenever a customer displays the QR Code, they simply need to scan it and accept the payment. The money is instantly transferred to their bank account.

mPoint useful features

  • All transactions done through a secure QR code

  • Customers can link any of their credit/debit cards to make payments

  • Sellers can link any bank account of their choice and get paid directly to their bank account

  • The amount to be paid is displayed on both the customer’s and seller’s phone, so there’s no confusion

  • Customers can redeem their loyalty points using the mPoint app. Currently, customers in India have earned a staggering Rs 400 crore in loyalty points, which are waiting to be redeemed.

Advantages of mPoint

  • No need to carry your wallet, as mPoint can make payments everywhere, be it a large shopping mall or your local grocery store, restaurant, or cab driver.

  • Businesses need not worry about their day’s cash being robbed since mPoint enables digital payments directly to their bank account.

  • Anytime, anywhere transactions

  • Instant payments

  • No need to fuss over small change

  • No need to stand in long queues at banks and ATMs to withdraw cash

  • Safe and secure transactions, powered by advanced encryption technology

  • Simple and easy to use

Redeem loyalty points

One of the best features of mPoint for customers is that it can be used to redeem loyalty points that customers accumulate from their transactions. mPoint provides more flexibility in redeeming loyalty points, as customers can use it at any store or service provider of their choice. Traditionally, loyalty points need to be redeemed through a standard product catalogue, which is not a good experience for most customers. mPoint has successfully eliminated this problem by allowing customers to redeem loyalty points at any store or service provider. This implies that customers can now use their loyalty points to get great discounts on their shopping and may even get some products entirely free using mPoint.

Be a part of the future now – Go cashless with mPoint!

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