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Ms Moksha Jetley, 55 year old Single Mother Rides​ ​for​ ​Project​ ​NanhiKali​ ​–​ Traversing India​ from​ ​Leh​ ​to​ ​Kanyakumari​ ​in support of ​girl child

India: Moksha Jetley is a single mum, rides a bullet and has a Limca record on her name for scaling Leh to Manali in record time on her bike. As she turns 55 this year, she has big plans to mark the occasion. She has embarked on an all India solo tour starting from Leh on October 2 and ending it at Kanyakumari on October 18 to support the Girl Child. She will cover the length of India in 16 days riding solo on her bike.

Moksha’s message is simple, “there is power in numbers. If more of us followed our dreams and passions, if more women came out to inhabit spaces that they were cautioned from, it would make those spaces safer for all of us. We need more solo women bikers, more women CEOs, more women cops, more women athletes. And, it was perhaps this idea that led her to raise money to educate a 100 young girls — so they can go out and pursue their dreams.”

In preparation to this trip, Moksha partnered with Project NahiKali, an NGO that works towards providing education to underprivileged girls in India. She and her daughter Prachi started a crowdfunding campaign recently to raise funds for this cause and to ensure a good life for these girls.

As she kicks off her ride from Leh on 2nd October, she will record her entire trip on Yawo, an app that lets you record stories on a geographical map. Her ride is being supported by Nafex which is India’s number one marketplace for forex and money transfer services.

Moksha’s love and courage to carry forward this cause stems from a simple belief – ‘Women are precious.’She strongly believes that a girl child is all the reasons for a celebration. She leads by example and lives with absolute independence, liberty and pride. She has inspired women all along her life in various roles as that of a teacher, a daughter, a mother, a biking veteran and more. BUT most of all, she has inspired us by being the woman that she is, fearless and proud. Follow Moksha’s journey on Yawo or follow her Facebook page – MokshaRides

We encourage you to support Moksha Jetley in whatever capacity you can, in Kindness, in actions, in thoughts etc. Here’s hoping that this journey will help these young girls to become amazing women in their lifetime.

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