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Multiple Sexual Assault Allegations Against ‘Goldbergs’ Star Surface

Four women have come forward and accused  actor and comedian Bryan Callen, who is best known for his role in ABC’s The Goldbergs, of sexual assault. On Friday, July 31, the Los Angeles Times reported that some of the claims against Callen date back to 1999, with others occurring as recently as 2017. The primary claim comes from actress Katherine Fiore Tigerman, who alleges that Callen raped her in 1999. According to Tigerman, Callen took her out to a celebratory dinner before he sexually assaulted her. 53-year-old Callen vehemently denied the allegation,  insisting that sex was consensual. Tigerman’s account of what happened, however, has been corroborated by both her then-boyfriend and best friend, who she called after the incident.
He paraded in his boxer briefs
A decade later, in 2009, Callen reportedly forced himself on Rachel Green, who was an American Apparel employee at the time. Green stated that during his visit to the store, Callen emerged from the dressing room numerous times wearing nothing but his boxer briefs. The following day, Callen returned and requested that Green assisted him while trying on a Speedo. At one point, she went into the changing room to retrieve the items he had already tried on. According to the official report, Callen returned to the changing room, pushed Green against the walls, and started kissing her neck. According to Green, she pushed Callen away, ran down the stairs, and immediately informed her colleagues of what transpired.
More allegations, more denials
In 2012, barista Claire Ganshert started a sexual relationship with Callen. She was 23 years old at the time, while he was 45. At the time, Callen was married to Amanda Humphrey, something Ganshert claims she was completely unaware of. Although the sexual relationship was consensual, Ganshert asserted that there were times when things were extremely intense between them, and where she felt that he only saw her for her sexuality. In 2016, towards the end of their four-year relationship, Callen also, apparently, told Ganshert that women have a “biological, primal desire to be raped.” Although she was not  a sexual assault victim, she felt the need to stand up for the other women. Sexual assault victims are often afraid to speak out, and may even be under the impression that these crimes have to be reported within a certain time frame. Thankfully,  sexual abuse advocates from across the country are hard at work fighting to get justice for all survivors.
The plot thickens
Callen’s sexual exploits did not end with Ganshert. According to comedian Tiffany King, Callen asked her for oral sex in a car  after they had dinner together. When she refused, Callen reportedly offered her money, which she also declined before going home in tears. The allegations against Bryan Callen came weeks after his close friend Chris D’Elia was accused of sexual assault and misconduct that also involved minors. D’Elia denied all allegations. Support for survivors of sexual abuse streamed in after the allegations against Callen became public. Among the most vocal of supporters is none other than actress and comedian Amy Schumer, who shared a screenshot of the article that was published in the Times. She offered her phone number to anyone wanting to discuss Callen or any other sexual predators.
Callen has denied all allegations against him, stating that he has never raped or forced himself on any woman. Although the reasons are unclear, it has been confirmed that Callen will not be returning for the upcoming season of The Goldbergs.

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