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Mumbai Police bans the use of nylon manjas for Makar Sankrant

makar_sankranti-kites_148The Mumbai Police has released a statement banning nylon manja that has been coated in glass. This has been done to avoid any injurires to people celebrating the festival. The Police has released a prohibitory order banning the manja in Mumbai. Any violation of this order will invite the wrath of the cops with them initiating cases against the violators of the law.

Kites are flown on Makar Sankrant and people try to win over kites of other people by cutting them with the glass manja. People use a nylon manja that has been coated in glas as it’s easier to cut the manajas of other kites with this.

The maja coated in glass causes a lot of injuries to people, birds and animals and has in some cases resulted in deaths of people, birds and animals. The thread, .i.e the manja which is made of nylon, synthetic thread or plastic hence must be avoided. After the festivals, many of these cut threads manage to reach the sewers and cause a lot of blockages. They may also sometimes be consumed by stray animals and hence may result in further deaths of domestic animals.

Makar Sankrant will be celebrated tomorrow.



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