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Muscular degeneration is killing you slowly, day by day

Degeneration is a condition of Disease/damage, it is a state where your body tissues do not get repair or a permanent damage which accompanies with the accumulation of harmful substance within the muscle and joints and is characterized by diminution of all body junctions.

According to the age, these changes occur to the body, it is normal because the defense mechanism and healing power of body slows down.

Are you feels years old then you really are (Your Joints are ageing). 

Depending on the diet and other lifestyle factors, the process of degeneration can be rapid, terminating life in youth or middle age, or deferred, to finally terminate life by what is known as old age.

We have so many cells, and every day we lose more and more. Our bodies’ completely regenerate every year and a half. That is, the oldest cell in your body is 1 year and 6 months old. That’s it. There are no cells older than that. So, you ask how come we don’t look younger and keep our looks from when we were kids.
The fact is, as we grow older we have less and less proper nutrition, and we are far more affected by free radicals (stress). Our cells have less and less fuel to work with, and when they do multiply they are reborn with a poorer structure. (This is the degeneration process.)

Is your mobility holding you back?

Muscle imbalances occur when one muscle is stronger than its opposing muscle. For example, if you sit all day at a computer or overwork your mirror muscles (like the chest and abs), your shoulders are likely pulled forward creating a strength imbalance between the front of your body and the back. While these muscle imbalances may not be a problem at first, the real issue occurs over time. As Dr.Amit Saraswat explains, “Without a well-balanced foundation that focuses on stabilization and mobilization, you can strengthen as much as you want, but at some point, the foundation is going to break down.” In other words, unless you identify and fix whatever imbalances exist, you could be headed straight for injury.

Don’t neglect aches & pains, because the longer you ignore, the worse they can get.

Muscle spasm is a protective response to any injury occurring in our body, proper care must be initiated at appropriate level that can be provided by the professional only, to stop further damage.
if you try anything expect professional advices muscle spasm can increase drastically and can give more damage. Please follow expert advice to save yourself from getting more damage.

How to save yourself from muscular imbalance/degeneration

First sign of Muscular Imbalance is stiffness. If you ignore this you feel little heaviness. If you still ignore its little pain/strain, sometimes its goes with rest.

If you still ignore, the damage and muscle involvement increase and you become a patient with a permanent/ sever damage so as soon as you get stiffness, please check for tight muscles in your body & start stretching. Morning 10 minutes of stretching for full body and try do full movement of each of your joints in the morning. It can save you from getting degenerated muscles and joints. If possible take professional/ physiotherapist’s advice. Who can do muscle charting and guide you proper stretching/ strengthening. You can take that chart to your trainer in the gym or you can do these by yourselves. Physiotherapy is a science which deals with human functions & mobility. Physiotherapist can prevent muscular imbalances occurring in your body which can help you to delay the degeneration process easily. He/She help you to recover/heal from damages already happened.

Inputs for Dr Amit Saraswat- (An expert in physiotherapy treatment and founder of Physioveda India- a physiotherapy clinic in South Delhi with newest technology)

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