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music in nagaland

Music is something that plays a vital role in everyone’s life. When talking about Nagaland music it’s a unique music that plays in the state with different unique instrument. People from other states and countries also overwhelmed by the music that the musician plays and sing

                   There are various tribal communities in Nagaland and each tribe is differ in their music. The music of the state also expresses the melodious diversity. Nagaland music in itself is an awe-aspiring culture heritage of the state.

                  The oral tradition is kept alive through folk tales and songs. Naga folk songs are both romantic and historical. Naga People in ancient times communicate through the songs and in some villages it still prevails. Nagaland is so diverse that that much the music is diverse. The music are of the brave deeds of warrior and traditional heroes and poetic love songs immortalizing ancient tragic love stories.

 Nagaland has 16 recognised different tribes and each tribe has differ in music. Each tribe has got their own traditional songs revealing their own tribes bravery and love in the past.

                       In order to pass the blessing of music to the people of the state on to next generation Government has taken a measure to introduce music in the schools and colleges. Government also encouraged Naga musician to take up music as a career rather than hobby. With this regard there are many music institutions coming up in the state which teaches traditional songs and also eastern and western songs. Music is introduced as a subject in schools and colleges curriculum realizing the importance of the music and the interest shown by the Naga youngsters. Music schools like MUSIK-A run by Alobo Naga ,JAM TREE,CLEF NOTE,MUSICIAN ACADEMY,SCHOOL OF MUSIC and many more which teaches all types of music eastern and western. Music is now being developed as an industry that generates employment in the state. Nagaland is also the first state in India to have introduced music as an industry.

              Music now plays an important role in everyone’s life. We should not spare the word call “MUSIC’’ but to be taken as our “Shield’’. I also personally believe in “When Words fails Music works’’.

 By: Tzurito.MYimchunger

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