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Muslim Law Board to abolish triple talaq within 18 months

Troubled by the increasing controversy over the issue of triple talaq, the Muslim Law Board has decided that it will abolish the practice of triple talaq within 18 months. This way, the matter would be resolved within the community and there will not be any need for government interference. The announcement regarding this was made by Kalbe Sadiq, vice president of All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB). Sadiq also appealed to Muslims that they should avoid eating beef.

Sadiq agreed that triple talaq has caused great suffering for many Muslim women, but the practice has been allowed till not since it was considered a personal affair for the community. On the topic of beef, he said that Islamic religious books do not advise eating beef, and hence Muslims should try to stay away from it. Sadiq also said that the Muslims would welcome the government’s decision if cow slaughter and beef eating is banned in the country. However, he said that acts of violence by cow vigilantes are illegal and should be stopped.

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