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Muslim man in Uttar Pradesh donates his land for constructing gaushala

A Muslim man in Uttar Pradesh has donated two bighas of his land to provide for the construction of a gaushala (cow shelter). This comes at a time when cases of cow vigilantism have witnessed an increase in recent years. The Muslim man, named Sarvath Ali and 40 years of age, has donated the land for the construction of a cow shelter that will come up in Purkazi town in Muzaffarnagar district. The land has been transferred in the name of Balaji Dham temple that will be managing the construction of the cow shelter. Harshyam Das Goel, president of the Balaji Dham temple committee, has confirmed this development and said that it is a welcome move by Ali, who cares for animals and their well-being.

It may be recalled that many lives have been lost in attacks related to cow vigilantism in recent times. One of the most recent cases was that of Pehlu Khan who was attacked by cow vigilantes in Rajasthan. Khan was a dairy farmer and he had all the required official documents, but still be was attacked. He had succumbed to his injuries in the hospital.

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