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Did you ever awake from a dream of cascading waterfalls, luscious sceneries or unbelievably blue waters and terribly wanted to go back? There’s a good chance you can simply saunteronto the nearest mode of commute without having to pre-plan your trip months in advance. Present day traveling has changed remarkably from what it was decades ago. No longer are we to concern ourselves with refolding and interpreting maps, guarding hard copies of tickets with our all lives but instead equipped with a GPS, a haversack, you’re adventure ready! In addition to these, some gadgets are worthy of accompanying you on your vacation while others give what lies between our ears a break and yet others open up new realms in the world of technology! Smart gadgets have forever changed the way we experience the world and act as life-savers for the modern-day nomad. Some complete must have being –

Power bank: It is not uncommon for one to brace the countryside with a war chest of electronic devices. You not only take with you your standard smart phone and tablet but also cameras, GPS devices, portable speakers, a spaceship and Ironman’s exoskeleton suit – all of which require umpteen amounts of battery. If these devices run out of juice, you’re left crippled and they wind up as dead weight on your journey. To alleviate this, device makers have created a solution to help you evade such situations. A power bank is a storehouse of energy charges that when connected to another device, transmits energy to it, thus, saving it from its impending death.

Portable Speakers:Whether you ride solo or with a bunch of friends and family, the necessity for music while on the road is inevitable. Road trips painted a picture of youth hitch hiking their way across the country in psychedelic vans or roasting marshmallows over campfires with the sound of faint guitars rising through the woods to meet a sky radiant with stars. The later generation found themselves hovering outside of CD and cassette shops days before their trip in order to have themselves listening gleefully to their favorite records. Well as for the millennial, this is clearly not their vibe. Portable speakers that can handle travelling have seen a surge in demand.

Tablets:So instead of waiting for that German guy to finish sending his 20-page email to mum and dad, oblivious to all the people sweating away waiting for him to finish, carry your own Tablet. It is light weight, convenient and small. With a tablet and easy access to internet, planning a trip becomes easier as you can accommodate all your impromptu plans too. Besides this, it also keeps you updated while on the road.

So whether you’re an international jetsetter, or the traditional ‘I’ll just use my legs’ type or just someone who’s caught the wanderlust flu, there are a few journeys that are made more bearable with the help of some good old pocket-sized gadgets. So, while your bug spray and sunscreen help you travel safe, your gadgets make you travel smart!

By: Mr. Ashok Rajpal – Managing Director at Ambrane


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