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Must have jewellery For a South Indian Bride

A South Indian bride is known for her colorful Kanjeevaramsarees, clusters of fragrant flowers and gold jewellery. These three are the core of what adorn her on her special day and make her look stunning. Jewellery is an extremely important part of the entire ensemble and what sets her apart from the rest. No wedding in India is complete without gold jewellery.

Keeping this sentiment in mind, we have compiled a list of gold jewellery that a South Indian bride must have on her special day.

  • Maang Tikka – it is an Indian hair ornament that is placed on the hairline and has a droplet which sits on the center of her forehead. It is typically a gold chain with a pendant in the front side and a hook in the back side. The hook is used to hold the ornament in the hair. This maang tikka is said to give the new bride wisdom, will and power as she embarks on a new journey in her life. It is also said to signify union between the bride and the groom.
  • Kasu Mala – this is one of the most important pieces of jewellery for the bride and one of the most popular in the South Indian culture. Also known as a necklace, the kasu mala is made up of small gold coins put together. The gold coins are usually embossed with images of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Goddess Lakshmi is very popular as she signifies wealth and prosperity. There are multiple new gold necklace designs available online which one can look through if they are getting married in the new future.
  • Mangalsutra – this is a symbol of marriage in the Hindu tradition that is tied around the neck of the bride by the groom when the rituals are taking place. This signifies their unity in their new relationship and ties them as one. A bride is expected to wear this throughout her lifetime for the well-being of her husband and family.
  • Vaddanam – It is a traditional waist belt that is tied around the waist of the new bride it is adorned with precious and semi-precious stones and often has images carved of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna. It is said to invoke strength and prosperity for the new couple. They also act as a symbol of status for the family.
  • Rings – a ring is also a symbol of marriage that brides are expected to wear. There are multiple gold rings designs for females that are available online. It is a symbol of togetherness that makes up an important piece of ensemble for the bride on her big day.
  • Gold Jhumkis – traditional Indian earrings, these are a favourite among brides and are celebrated for years now. They are available in a variety of styles and designs and add to the beauty of the bride on her big day. Plain gold ones as well as ones adorned with different precious and semi-precious stones are available.
  • Bangles – it is said to be mandatory for brides to wear bangles made either of gold or glass as they signify good fortune and prosperity for the family. These are traditional jewellery which are round in shape and are worn on both hands of the bride.

These are some essential jewellery item that a South Indian bride must wear on her big day. There are others also which one can wear as per their preference. It all comes down to what the bride to wear as this is her special day and one that she will cherish.

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