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MVJ College of Engineering initiates Anti-Tobacco Campaign

Take a step further towards saving lives 

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Tuesday, April07, 2015:Over 1000 and odd students and staff of MVJ college took part in the 4 Km rally on Anti-Tobacco campaign in an effort to educate the people in and around Whitefield as a part of their social awareness programme. It was flagged off by Minister for Health and Family welfare of Karnataka, Mr. U.T. Khader. The campaign started off with the students of MVJCE taking an oath to make their college area a Tobacco free zone.

The NSS unit of MVJCE took up the initiative to come up with a change in saving lives by organizing a rally to create awareness among the society about ill effects of tobacco and ban the use of tobacco and sale of tobacco products with a strong message to other institutions and other organizations to promote the cause and make it a tobacco free zone. The students covered areas around the college by not only carrying slogans and creating awareness about Tobacco but, also went out of their way to educate people to quit smoking and stop using tobacco products, and assured to do their best to support them as they try to quit. Other than participating in CSR initiatives like blood donation, Green drive and providing scholarships to the needy, MVJCE participates in a lot of Social and Civic Causes to contribute to the society in and around the vicinity.

Mr. U.S. Vishal Rao, senior consultant surgical oncologist and Head of HCGand one of the chief guests said, “It is very heartening to see students of MVJ have taken up the NSS program with such fervor, zeal and commitment. Tobacco is single most preventable cause of deaths killing youth today. As a surgeon, I am seeing more and more younger patients in their 20’s and 30’s get cancer because of tobacco. These youth have set a precedent by offering to serve the underprivileged of society to build a healthier Bangalore by creating awareness on tobacco hazards” he said.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Khader, Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Karnataka said “The anti-tobacco campaign was initiated sometime back by the Health Ministry to reach out to millions of young and potential tobacco users to encourage them to refrain from the deadly habit of tobacco use. About 50 per cent of all cancers in men and 25 per cent of all cancers in women can be attributed to tobacco use I am glad that the youth of MVJCE have taken up this social cause and inspired others to participate in such a noble cause” he said.

“The growing number of youths and women consuming tobacco in some form or the other is a cause of grave concern, and the anti-tobacco campaigns are here to target them. According to the COPTA ACT 2003, selling tobacco products within 100 meters from educational institution is prohibited.  It is found that many are selling the tobacco products in and around the vicinity of the institutions in spite of requesting them to stop. A strict rule should help in curbing such practices which can contribute to the change we are looking for in the society.We have internally counseled our students to abstain from using tobacco products and have complete support from the student community. We felt it was equally important for us to create such kind of awareness outside the premises also and it was a very simple way of contributing to the betterment of the society around us,”concluded Mr. K.S. Shanmukharadhya, Principal of MVJCE.

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