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My Best Friend For Life – Bharat BillPay

bharat bill payThere was a time when paying utility bills was a huge hassle for me, as I had to use multiple apps/websites of billers to pay the bills. Forgetting payment deadlines and passwords was a common occurrence and it used to be a sheer waste of time and effort. However, things improved dramatically after I started using the Bharat BillPay option on my banking app. One of the best things about Bharat BillPay is that it provides a one-stop bill payment solution to pay various types of utility bills. The payment process is the easiest designed till date and everything gets done in just few clicks. Here are some great things everyone needs to know about this next-generation utility bills payment ecosystem which has become my best friend for life.

Powered by RBI and NPCI

Bharat Bill Payment System  was conceptualized by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and it is being managed through National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). This gives me the assurance that the system is 100% reliable, safe and secure and is being handled by the top experts. My recent experiences have reaffirmed that Bharat BillPay is really the best designed utility payment solution currently available.

Anytime, anywhere access

Bharat BillPay has allowed me the convenience of paying my bills anytime I want and from any location. With Bharat BillPay, I can pay my bills even when I am travelling or at an overseas location.

Online and offline payment Channels and modes

Bharat BillPay provides both online and offline payment channels which is really helpful for consumers. Online payment channels  include Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Bank Mobile Apps, Digital Wallets/BHIM-UPI apps, Website  etc.Offline payment options include a wide network of registered agents, Kirana shops and bank branches.

Integrated with BHIM app

Bharat BillPay is integrated within BHIM app for making a wide range of utility bill payments. I often use this feature for seamless and secure payments of my utility bills.

Instant receipts and view transactions

With Bharat BillPay, I have complete peace of mind about my transactions, as a receipt is immediately generated on successful payment. I get instant receipts with the Bharat BillPay logo and instant notifications via SMS and email. I am also able to view the list of bill payment transactions at one place

Zero transaction charges

Bharat BillPay helps me save money, as there are no transaction charges when I use my own bank for making utility bill payments digitally

Comprehensive list of billers

Bharat BillPay has an extensive list of billers from across the country. Billers are spread across various segments such as electricity, gas, water, postpaid telecom, landline, DTH and broadband. New billers are being regularly added and in the future, it would be possible to make payments for categories such as insurance, education, club, housing society maintenance, taxes, b2b invoicing, etc. post RBI approval.

Fetch my bill details

The best part is I can also view my bill details and directly pay, instead of searching for the bill details and bill.

My choice of bank/payments bank/wallet

With Bharat BillPay, I have the freedom to choose my own bank for making utility bill payments. Bharat BillPay has partnered with most of the leading banks, payments banks, and digital wallets for enabling seamless payment of utility bills. Check this link to find your concerned bank/payments bank/wallet to make instant payments.

Win an OnePlus 6T smartphone

Bharat BillPay is currently running a cool contest, wherein you stand to win an OnePlus 6Tsmartphone. Just use Bharat BillPay to make online payments and you can win an OnePlus 6T smartphone. Six lucky winners will be chosen, so better utilize this opportunity fast.

Bharat BillPay has simplified utility bill payments and made it a hassle-free experience. With Bharat BillPay, I hardly ever worry about missing payment deadlines. It provides me a one-stop destination for all my bill payments and everything gets done effortlessly and in a safe and secure manner. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who may be facing issues with making multiple utility payments and travelling to various locations

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