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It was a beautiful day since I wake up early in the morning around 4’o clock, what a breezy cool wind, taking my baggage I started my journey from Tirunelveli to Chennai, the capital of our state. Railway station is like a dragon’s cave.Even on a summer seasons, gloomy atmosphere prevailing everywhere. Small fireflies flying on the corner of the platform. A man was preparing coffee and delicious cardamom Tea, Lighting the stove burners in motels.A boy was arranging his daily newspaper for selling.The brightness is visible at a far distant place where the trains emerge out of the station. The train which enters come in with a gigantic sound as the roar of a dragon.  This is why I always imagine Railway station with a Dragon’s cave.

None of the person in the station is in normal state of mind. A few have arrived earlier and are waiting impatiently for the train to come like me. They often sharpen their ears when the announcement is made. Few are in busy to look after the luggage and checking their train tickets. Usually the adventurous children receive scolding not only from their parents but from porters also.

After seeing this free ticket Adventurous Movie. An announcement is made that my train reaches platform Number3, All of sudden Mingling with the people floods, I begin to search my name in the respective compartment and get in to my seat peeing through the window.

Only five minutes are left for the train’s departure. one rushes for the best seat and request the co-passengers to adjust, is the case in reserved compartments. While in unreserved compartments. There are no words to exclaim such a situation. It’s like a rat get trapped in the people crowd! Not to blame anyone, this is case in today’s Indian scenario.

 Around 5’ O clock the train started its mystery, at that time we can see lot and lot of lovable scenes. .A 50 year old father pushes a mineral water bottle to his sturdy son through the window.The guard blows his whistle and shake his green flag. The train hisses and starts. Family members and friends are really best doctors in this world giving lot of health advices, with a smile in their mouth. The ladies normally weep and the tears roll down the cheeks. Thousands of hand wave, oh what a glorious symbol of love and care! Then the crowd turns back to do their routine works and walk out of the station speedily to engage a taxi or auto rickshaw. They quickly forget their short stay in the Dragon’s den.

Human life is uncertain so always lead a Happy life, No one will bring anything and no one will get anything from this world so Help the Needy, Obey the senior citizens, Love your neighbours, Encourage the fellow guys, Try to adopt to any environment, Develop the sense of Equality, Face new challenges with guts, Tackle every hurdles, Approach every day with a smile and enjoy each and every moments in this world. Then success will always be yours!

By: R.Helen Vedanayagi Anita

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