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My love pal loves me or loves me not!

– Impose this gritty inquisition to your sleeping position for the potent, infallible yet mumble revelation!

how-do-you-know-she-loves-you-1060257-twobyoneDoes your loving spouse, your beloved love peer love you honestly, with all his/her heart and soul and 100 percent of dedications? – Are you encompassed by this type of any doubtful yet gritty question right now? Just bestow the inquisition in front of the sleeping position of yours. It will brew something and act like a problem solving species and a manoeuvre also. It won’t allow you to be confined in the pale of doubtfulness. It will applause you yet guide you properly to bid up a dawn into the pivotal and darkest part of your heart – sanctuary and help you to sort out and soar up the latent truth to the upper surface of your mind and to incarnate that incorporate modality in a humble genre also. Yes, it is true. By analyzing your sleeping position only you will be assured about the epitome of the firmness and solidity of your very personal marital life – absolutely and accurately! – Because it is very much related with your desire which is the abiding inhabitant of the particular dwelling house, called subconscious mind!

So now it is the time to undid the envelopment! Here it is –

003bb2e900000258-0-there_s_nothing_unusual_about_lulls_of_attraction_in_long_lived_-a-16_14409798650621)     If your spouse slides down from the top position of your bed – you two are sleeping together, and then it is the hunch of his/her tropical cravings to go far from you. It denotes the fact that you have an emotional distance; he/she is not comfortable with you and desires to escape. Your married life is going to abidance a very crucial moment very soon.

2)     If your life partner sleeps at the edge of the bed, then you have to perceive the naked truth that it is a warning for you two. Your married life is also not a smooth one; it has a lack of a mutual respect. A hidden emotional conflict is brewing between both of you.

3)     If both of the couple are enraged and offended to each other yet do not want to see each other’s face, then they sleep in a bed but separately – in the separate sides of the bed by keeping a distance between both and with their back to the other one – not facing each other’s face. – The final conclusion of this type of sleeping position is – that particular couple will slaughter their relationship – shortly!

4)     If you are a lady and dominated by your husband, then, in the bed he will keep his head higher than your head surely!

5)     If both of you are fully prepared to hold yet take care of each other, you will keep your legs entwined – while sleeping.

6)     Touching with butts indicates the independence and camaraderie.

7)     The spoon position is the sign of a happily married couple – always.

8)     If you honour each other’s personal space but at the same time, you rely on each other, then you will sleep back to back with your spouse.

9)     An imperious husband envelops his wife with one of his arm.

10)  If the husband wants to rely on his wife, then he will keep his hand between her buttocks or under the arm.

11)  A shy hubby touches his wify with his toes, knees, heels etc.

12)  If he has a dominating character, then he will sleep just behind of her body.

13)  If she is behind, then she is the leader in the relationship.

By: Mithu Ghoshal

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