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Mystery explosions off the West Bengal coast create panic among tourists

Newspatrolling: Two extremely loud explosions off the West Bengal coast have resulted in panic among tourists visiting Digha and Mandarmani. The explosions seemed to have occurred in the deep seas and nothing could be seen visually. However, the sound and shock waves were so strong that it broke window panes of some hotels. Some hotel owners have also reported cracks in the walls. The sound was also heard at Tajpur, which is also a popular tourist spot. Tajpur is located around 18 kms from Digha, which indicates that the sound would have been really loud to have been heard so far. Currently, government officials are clueless about the origin of the loud explosions, even though the coast guard is looking into the incident.

Initially, there were speculations that missiles could have caused the huge explosions, since the missile testing facility at Chandipur on Odisha coastline is only around 50 km from Digha. The testing range has been used to launch various missiles in the past such as Akash, Shaurya, Agni and Prithvi ballistic missiles. However, experts said that missiles could not have caused explosions since they usually do not carry explosives. Most tourists were in a state of panic after hearing the loud explosions. Authorities have advised tourists to not enter the water till the incident is properly investigated.

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