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Myths about laundry cleaning

There are various myths that are prevalent in almost all households regarding laundry cleaning. Through this article we will aim to debunk most of them and help our readers with the correct information that will help them keep their clothes clean and fresh for years.

Below are some of the most common myths:

  • Putting jeans in the freezer before washing

There have been various life hack videos showing how keeping the jeans in the freezer before washing can help with better results. This is a hoax! Freezing would only lead to retention of bacteria in the clothing and wont help in any way. Alternatively, one should try to wash it with cold water and skip the dryer always.

  • Dry cleaning is the best option

This is only true for the clothes that come with this specific tag ‘dry clean only’. But one should understand that it is not the best option for all other clothes too. There are certain garments that are only recommended for hand washing and dry cleaning is a strict no-no.

  • You should wash clothes inside out

The main idea behind this suggestion is to protect the outer side of the garment from the harsh detergent. But one should understand that it is the inside part that is subjected to sweat and body odour. So it should be washed the other way round. However, while drying, it is always recommended to lay them inside out.

  • Zipping up everything before washing

This is a very absurd thing that people follow. There isn’t any specific reason that one can connect to. On the contrary, all garments should be unzipped while washing so that they are thoroughly cleaned and is rinse well.

  • Washing with hot water kills germs

Washing with hot water can never help kill the germs and bacteria rather it can transfer tem onto other clothes that you are washing along with it. To kill the germs, it is always advisable to use a disinfectant.

  • Using more detergent for better cleaning

More is not better when it comes to washing, and neither it should be too little. It should be accurate and enough.  This not only leading to excessive soil redeposit on our clothes, but also leaves detergent marks on our clothes and makes it look dull. You should always use less that what you think is sufficient, and check the results. Most likely, it would be correct and you would not require additional pouring.


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