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Style, protection or breathability? I want it all!

New Delhi, September 28 2020: 

  • Unique nanotechnology filter
  • India’s first and only mask tested for 96% Viral Filtration Efficiency
  • Timelessand tasteful designs for the discerning eye
  • Providesprotection from airborne particles such as PM 0.1, PM 0.3, PM 2.5, PM 10, dust, allergens, germs, odours, scents and other contaminants
  • Lowestinhalation and exhalation breathing resistance
  • Customizedsizes for a customized fit

Understandably, most people would prefer a mask that fits like a proverbial glove, traps all incoming and outgoing viruses, lets you gulp in fresh air with abandon, and feels as if it isn’t even there. And many people embrace the necessity of wearing protection in public with a sense of style as they look for chic face masks designs that will allow them to feel confident and safe in public. Well, the Airific 2.0 is as close as we get to this! Priced at Rs. 995, our new range of Airific masks come in timeless and tasteful designs in 5 different sizes (Small, Medium, Medium Plus, Large and Extra Large) to help you express yourself by wearing your personality whilst being backed by science.

Being a right brain – left brain crossover, the playful in us makes us vibrant, and the analytical in us drives us to get the best technology to protect you from all contaminants and particulates. So you can count on us to provide you with maximum protection and up your style quotient with classy designs.

The Airific 2.0 is a 3-layer mask with a nanotechnology fiber filter that offers protection, comfort and a personal sense of style. Don’t believe us? Well, it has been tested by Nelson Labs, USA with an extremely high ‘capture index,’ >96% viral filtration efficiency (for particles at 0.1 microns) and the lowest inhalation and exhalation breathing resistance in its league. As the most breathable mask, our mask busts the myth that the better a mask blocks respiratory droplets, the harder it is to breathe. It is also sustainable since it is reusable and washable up to 10 washes and meets and exceeds all the recommendations of the WHO and CDC for protective facemasks.

Mr. Jai Dhar Gupta, Founder & CEO of Nirvana Being says, “With the coronavirus spreading like wildfire, we at Nirvana Being wish for massive adoption of mask wearing behaviour with masks that people actually enjoy wearing. And to achieve that, we have come up with masks for the discerning eye which are both functional and aesthetically pleasing to make it a fashion-forward accessory. Design has become an important factor in our lives as a way to cope in the new reality that we live in and the pandemic has brought out a lot of authentic self-expression in people. With the Airific 2.0, we are giving people a chance to wear their personalities.”


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