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Nail care – an important part of beauty regime

Nail care – an important part of beauty regime newspatrollingWe all dream of having a spotlessly clean, beautiful, and soft hands, with pretty nails. Some of us do have it naturally, but for others it becomes important to maintain it. The nails, especially, should be taken good care of.

Below are some tips to keep your nails healthy and less brittle:

⦁ Use a gentle milk based hand wash
⦁ Never expose your hands to extreme hot/cold water
⦁ Use baby oil to keep your palm moisturized
⦁ Take care of the cuticles, and keep filing the nails after every two days
⦁ Increase the intake of milk and milk products to make your nails stringer
⦁ Try anti-ageing face cream on your hand to avoid wrinkles
⦁ Protect you palm with sunscreen before stepping out

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