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National Education Policy revised in 28 years, Korean Language added as foreign language at the secondary level

In the new National Education Policy Indian government included Korean language at the secondary level among the foreign languages to be offered. Apart from Korean, other foreign languages which will be offered are Japanese, Thai, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.

The government also pointed out that foreign language vocabulary should be updated in the text books and other printing materials. The suggesting foreign languages are Korean, English, French, German, Hebrew and Japanese for this.  The new policy will replace the existing policy that was formulated in 1986. This revision has come after 28 years.

Shin Bong-kil, the ambassador of the Republic of Korea to India said ‘I think Indian government`s decision about adding Korean as foreign language for secondary level can be considered as one of symbolic measure to focus on the importance of India-Korea relations.

Kim Kum-pyoung, the director of Korean Cultural Centre India said we plan to intensively foster Korean language teachers to deal with Korean language demands in India actively, and will do hard works for making Korean language adapted as regular subject in Indian National academic aptitude test for university admission.

Korean Language was not recommended as a foreign language for the secondary level in the first draft by the National Education Policy preparation committee in 2019. The Embassy of the Republic of Korea to India and Korean Cultural Centre India suggested the necessity of Korean language to Ministry of External Affairs and Ministry of Human Resource Development in the process of collecting opinions.

Korean Cultural Centre India has consistently put its effort for building up the base for Korean language subject adaption since its foundation, 13th December, 2012. Under this process Korean Cultural Center now has MOU with 105 schools where the center is providing Korean culture experience and Korean language demonstration classes.  In 2015, the Korean language demonstration class started with 2 schools only and now it has 17 schools where 3 schools have already accepted Korean language as school`s regular subject. This was even before the National Education Policy announcement.

Currently Korean Culture Centre India is preparing to open Korean Language Teacher Training Course with 23 Korean language teacher candidate, who are selected for a 15 week intensive course which will run from 17th August to 24th December. These Indian teachers will be then send to schools and colleges.  And KCCI is opening 15 week online free hobby class for Korean language from 18th August.-

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