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Natural Medicine Breakthrough – University of Maryland’s New Alternative Cancer Healing Treatment Offers Relief for Cancer Patients

Led by internationally-renowned expert Kevin Chen, PhD, a researcher and healer from the University of Maryland School of Medicine, the university offers a 7-day Cancer Healing Treatment Program. This is one of the very few pioneering cancer treatment programs in the country designed to support cancer recovery without medication and invasive treatments. By teaching medical Qi Gong, nutrition, mind-body integration techniques, and stress management… cancer patients start a new path of self-healing for general health and overall well-being. Using evidence-supported self-healing techniques designed to enhance patient’s immune system and self-recovery, patients experience an improved quality of life and develop a positive, optimistic and confident attitude about their medical condition.

Dr. Kevin Chen is an associate professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, and president of the World Institute for Self-Healing, Inc. With Chinese origin and a life-long Qigong meditation practice, Dr. Chen is among the few scientists in the U.S. who has both extensive knowledge of Qigong as well as active involvement in Qigong and meditation research. He is the associate editor-in-chief of the English version textbook “Chinese Medical Qigong” (2010), and the publisher of Yang-Sheng, a magazine that promotes self-healing of the body, mind and spirit. Dr. Chen has extensive experience using Qigong to facilitate health and healing in people facing cancer, and have offered similar intensive Qigong training for cancer patients for many years. 

The program encourages participants to EXPLORE, EXPERIENCE, and ENGAGE in pain management, nutrition, exercise, mind-body medicine, and stress management. Movement-based sessions will enliven the body, while the interactive lectures will stimulate the mind and spirit. Past participants have demonstrated documented improvements. Click here to view testimonies shared by past participants and program info –

Nutrition is also another important part of this cancer healing program. The nutrition program is presented by C‌hris D’Adamo, PhD, who is an Assistant Professor of Family & Community Medicine and Epidemiology & Public Health, Director of Research, Center for Integrative Medicine, and Assistant Director of Medical Education, Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.  He is a nutritional research scientist with an interest in the synergistic effects of diet, exercise, and genetics on the prevention and treatment of chronic disease, especially cancer.

The next program designed specifically for people who have cancer, and their caregivers will be held at the University of Maryland School of Medicine campus in Baltimore. For more information about this cancer healing program, patients can visit

To register for the only session this year held on Sunday, September 24 – Saturday, September 30, 2017 in Baltimore, please visit the site below and mention code GDTV to receive 10% discount:

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