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Natural remedies to improve eye sight


  1. Eat apple and grapes daily for better eyesight.
  2. Do daily eye exercise.
  3. Walk in early morning on green grass without slippers or shoes
  4. Use cucumber pieces on eyes. It gives immense effect and pull most of darkness under eyes and negative energy.
  5. Wash your eyes with cold water twice in a day and also hold some water in your mouth while washing.
  6. Eat and drink all those vegetables and fruits which are rich in vitamin A.
  7. Eat amla pickle daily.
  8. Eat all those green vegetables. They are rich source of Vitamin A.
  9. Don’t work for longer time of computer or TV. And if it is necessary , give a small to your eyes by rotating or gazing in some other direction.
  10. Mixture of garlic and onion juice is one of the best and top remedy to regain eye sight.

By: Jessica Rainawal

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