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Nature Connect 2

nature connect

Tanu Mittal say..

Sitting ideal, thought of catering to my desire- The Pottery.

Searched and found the avenue near Aya Nagar. Every session was of 3hrs a day & it came as good utilisation of time. Happily enrolled , I returned back .

Thinking and remembering the joy I would get of pottery which once I felt while watching a potter forming shapes with full dexterity. Easy it would be 🤔.

Ironically , the experience was totally opposite. The deformed hard clay lump , had to be first kneaded to gain proper consistency. It was easy, I thought, as we do cooking and knead dough every day….

But, the catch, the clay was very hard and it became harder with post Chicken Guinea conditions.

Dissappointed, with the swallon joints and pain,thought of discontinuing. But the advance payment done for the course , compelled further attendance.

Slowly, the miseries started converting into happiness.

The clay started feeling good between palms and further created various joyful authentic shapes.

Enjoying it thoroughly, started missing the sessions with Clay instead of missing Corporate life.

Unknowingly, the emotions unwinded and I was becoming happier & healthier person.

But why ???

The venue was serene, plants all around. Just the sound of the wheel and the feel of clay( soil) moulding at my WILL.

The clay turned into glazed ceramic after firing.

How cool and accomplishing it was to artificially create something out of 5 elements ( air, water, fire , soil, space) , from which naturally, the Almighty have created 84 lac species dwelling together & making mother nature. He still have no airs about it.

Pottery, taken as hobby , unknowing healed my body .

As rightly realized , That,

We are happy and healthy, if we are closer to nature, as we come near to our Creator with coming closer to his other Creations.

By: Tanu Mittal

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