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Nature Connect 3

Not working in an office, not getting paid in beginning of every month was my calculative choice.

Money, not coming in was of little concern but DAY in and out with clay and on potter’s  wheel, was working very fine. Gym in morning with a friend and pottery in afternoon WAS getting into the my system.

Initially, it was difficult to accept the change, of spending time only on hobbies…

The pleasant routine , had encompassed me and the Habit was building. THEN, a call of interview, and thereafter,getting hired. It Came in life as fresh Picture. This was Another, inevitable CALL OF CHANGE.

This time, Landed in pool of unhealth and health specialists. A factory with unhealth as raw material , final product as cut, operated and cured/ uncured Patients and the most learned & respected crowd of the educated world, the Doctors as managers of the factory.

Blood dripping, Cries,  Stress, Impatience, Arguments,Power throwing, Waiting, Running, Crowd and many other such things were what got exposed to. Boley toh emotions ki watt lag gayi.

If I am right, most of us, except the health providers, in some point in their lives, have declared  , how much they dont want to go to the Hospital.

I am not different and the declaration was repeated after every unwanted visit. But as it is said, Universe doesnot understands word, NO. So when you very strongly say -I Do Not Want To, with all your conviction,  it is taken as -I Do Want TO 🙄……(THE SECRET )….

So here I was…..

Best part of it,  ALL THE above were accepted,  As the focus and intentions of all the working hands of the hospital, WAS to cure a Human BODY.

It’s US  with no emotions but  just the bone, skin, organs, muscles etc etc….

Would it be surprising, if I said, that even after 3  months of working in hospital,  My craving for clay and my freedom of wandering around, didnot stopped attracting. No surprises. My connection with nature broke.  Nature ,the outer nature.

But what about My Inside, My Nature, which always want to be happy. Look happy, see happy , feel happy.

So with the changed environment and placement,got more aware of my unhealthy body. Slapped with the bitter truth of ignoring it and taking it for granted….

By: Tanu Mittal

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