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Nature connect Part-1

I,  worked for more than 16 years or shall I say Slogged myself in the Corporate world for Money & Power. Yes,  no secrets,  many running in this race together.

Waking just before the office hours, gushing through millions of cars towards office, experiencing all sorts of traffic hiccups,  road rage,  everyone run toward the AC cabins.

Working more than 8 hours a day and not only that, work taken to home as well.

Ending the day after sun set and starting the AC car back home through, yes the same traffic nonsense.

Only physical address changed from waking up till dropping dead on bed with stomach stuffed with undigested food.

My experience, All the ABOVE. Lovingly and willingly passed 16 years.

And then the speed broke.  My body and mind retaliated. It showed in my physical ailments and negativity in thoughts.

It raised to level that body acquired Uric Acid and cholesterol kind chronic diseases. Deficiency in Vitamin D & B 12 .

The frustration led to resignation but health kept deteriorating.

Life seemed to come to that point that, I would be kept on medicines from now till my soul remain in this unhealthy body and mind.

Depressed, stressed, unhappy, the mental health further deteriorated. Now the family members who were non existing while working, very conveniently became punching bag.

One day, out of Frustration started walking and walked 12 kms on road, when, my pains didn’t allow me to walk even 1 km.
Returned tired, dropped on bed .

Woke up, and found, that I Was Better me. The thoughts were POSITIVE.

A movement of realization.

How ?

The walk was through park, sun, trees, flowers, traffic , market and road.

Each step had different view. My glaze , brought many thoughts. And all were distressing.

I saw people smiling and talking, kids playing, soothing breeze and slowly I found myself smiling on myself. This was me… Free and retrospecting myself.

All these years,what grew was my constant distance build with NATURE.

To be Continued………..

By: Tanu Mittal

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