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‘Naulakha’ is now a rinky-dink; Women of today moving towards minimalist jewellery

Modern Indian jewellery aficionados Deepak Mehra, Ritika Bhasin, Fernando Jorge


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It’s safe to say that women today are slowly changing their preferences from the much-admired and desired naulakhahaar to something more “causal” and “wearable.” Millennials aren’t buying jewellery the way their parents did, as they want the offerings to express their personality rather than be locker-bound.

Reminiscing the way jewellery preferences have evolved over the years, Deepak Mehra, the owner of AKM Mehra sons Jewellers, tells us about how customers of today indulge in jewellery purchases. His father, Ashwini Kumar Mehra, who ventured into the jewellery business after India’s partition, had customers hollering for gold and traditional jewellery. Deepak Mehra, who has taken on the family’s business, has since then kept exquisiteness of the family business intact along with creating new and eccentric pieces that call to millennials better.

Ritika Bhasin, a Delhi-based designer, gives us an insight about a unique way of recreating new jewellery out of one’s old heritage collection. She has shifted her inclination from apparel to jewellery, and that too modern pieces that speak style and fashion. Intrigued by the fine unique jewellery of yesteryears and inspired by the contemporary designs, she has been creating fusion jewellery that brings the best of both worlds.

Today’s jewellery brands don’t focus on just the purchases, but strive to tap the aspirations of today’s customers as well. Fernando Jorge, a London-based jeweller from São Paulo, says, “Retailers are now more important than ever as they have the clientele, connect and exposure.”

When it comes to statement dressing, an Indian ensemble strikes us with the right chord, and adding the elements of contemporary jewellery gives it an enhanced appeal. It plays a central role in providing ‘oomph’ to any western or ethnic apparel.

Over the years, Indian craftsmanship has exhibited a full-flavor towards traditional culture and customs craft jewellery; including variations in terms of designs and styles. But the approach of Indian women towards jewellery has evolved. Keeping close to their roots, women are aspiring and inspiring for growth and change, and they want the jewellery to represent the same. Jewellery has no longer been just about price or weight, is it more of expression and one’s sense of self that they want the world to see and appreciate.

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