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Nawaz Sharif dismisses graft report; terms it as slander

Responding to the corruption charges mentioned in the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) report, Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said today that the corruption charges are baseless and they are nothing but slander. This is the first time that the Pakistan PM has explicitly rejected the findings of the report. Sharif is currently in his third term as the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He is facing increasing pressure from opposition parties that are seeking his resignation in wake of the findings of the JIT. However, Sharif remains to be defiant and rubbishes the claims that his family members have acquired illegal wealth.

Responding to the allegations, Sharif said, “The JIT report about our family businesses is the sum of hypotheses, accusations and slander. Accusations amounting to billions are being made here but no wrongdoing has been proven.” However, opposition parties believe in the findings of the JIT, which comprised members of the military intelligence agency. Leaders from opposition parties said that Sharif’s authority has been significantly eroded after the JIT report was submitted in the Supreme Court. They said that Sharif has no moral, legal or political justification to continue as the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

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