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Nawaz Sharif targets Pakistan Supreme Court; calls its decision a joke

In Pakistan, it doesn’t matter to people if you have been convicted and disqualified by the Supreme Court. And the leaders don’t seem to care either, as can be seen from recent developments in Pakistan, where the country’s top leader is openly criticizing the Supreme Court. Something like this would be impossible to imagine in India. No wonder, Pakistan has witnessed so many coups in the past. It appears that the public in Pakistan does not have any ability to differentiate between right and wrong and they would go with anyone who appears to have more power. During his first public rally after his disqualification by the Pakistan Supreme Court, Sharif told the people of the country that his disqualification was an insult to the people of Pakistan.

Sharif told the public that the people of Pakistan had elected him and now he has been disqualified by a bunch of judges in the Supreme Court. “It is an insult to the 200 million people of Pakistan. You voted for me, but the five honorable judges sent me home with a single stroke of a pen,” Sharif said. Sharif also targeted the military, saying that dictators have had a free run in the country on many occasions and at that time no action was taken by the Supreme Court judges. Such open and crude remarks against the Supreme Court clearly shows that Pakistan is largely an uncivilized society and even its leaders seem to be ignorant. It’s scary to know that such a country has nuclear weapons.

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