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Nayati Mathura adds another successful cancer surgery to its growth story

The successful operation of kidney cancer reiterates Nayati Mathura’s efforts of providing advanced medical care to the people in the region

In a miraculous operation, Gandharv Singh, who had a kidney cancer lump weighing 1.2kg, was treated successfully by the Department of Urology at Nayati Medicity, Mathura.

A 45-year-old Etah resident, Gandharv Singh was suffering from abdominal pain for a long time. After experiencing some initial symptoms, which included a burning sensation while urinating, he went to several doctors but could not get a decisive diagnosis or treatment, post which he met Dr. Harsh Gupta, Senior Consultant of Urology Department at Nayati Medicity.

“Gandharv Singh’s medical examination revealed that he had a big lump measuring 13X12 cmin his kidney. Because of which he was experiencing severe pain in his abdomen and bloody urine. The lump was cancerous and required immediate removal. After the consent of his family, we removed his cancerous kidney through the radical nephrectomy method. Gandharv Singh is fine now and soon he will start living a normal life”.

Due to the cancerous lump, his kidney needed immediate surgical attention. After his family’s consent, Nayati Hospital’s surgical team removed the patient’s cancerous kidney through the radical nephrectomy method.

The successful operation reflects the capability of Nayati Mathura, as well as its ability to cater to a large catchment area while ensuring better and advanced medical care for patients, especially in critical cases like that of Gandharv Singh.

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