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NCR’s Retalix Accelerates Continuous Delivery and Testing by 90% with IncrediBuild

Proven results demonstrate IncrediBuild dramatically increases developer productivity and shortens Retalix software build cycle from hours to minutes

Tel Aviv, Israel – November 4, 2014 – Retalix, a division of NCR Retail (NYSE:NCR), accelerated its testing processes by more than 90%, rapidly speeding up software build times and increasing developer productivity, by using IncrediBuild, the leading solution provider of software development and continuous delivery acceleration technology, according to a recently released IncrediBuild case study.

“IncrediBuild enabled us to drastically reduce our release cycles from 12 minutes to less than 2 minutes, allowing us to run any number of builds per day,” said Alon Gilat, Release Manager at Retalix, during an interview for the case study. “We have accelerated our continuous integration and now run software builds as often as necessary instead of only a few times per day, a game changer when it comes to our development productivity.”

Retalix needs to continually deliver high quality and continuously updated software. With around 15,000 unit testing processes running in each cycle, its platform needed to scale, enabling further expansion. Meanwhile, as each version was being updated, developers had to wait until they could commit their own test fixes, causing significant delays. 

IncrediBuild takes standard development processes such as unit and integration testing and runs them in parallel across multiple cores within the network, using underused and unused CPU capacity. With IncrediBuild, each developer can instigate the 15,000 unit tests and distribute them across the network to run in parallel. Today, each cycle takes 1:20 minutes instead of 12. The overall debug version used to take more than an hour; now it’s only 10 minutes. Developers are now able to spend more time doing what matters most – writing working software.

“IncrediBuild takes software development that extra mile,” says Eyal Maor, CEO of IncrediBuild. “It significantly increases Retalix’ – and any – developers’ efficiency, which speeds delivery and time-to-market.”

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