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Near death experience: How it feels?

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An experience of an almost death can be surely intriguing to know which often crosses two different paths –the positive as well as the negative; and both of them have different tales to tell. When you travel the path of positivity you will a detachment from your body that is leading to a path of ultimate serenity and warmth; whereas the negative path has ultimate torture and torment, at the end of the tunnel there is nothing but only darkness.

Afterlife experience, does that really happen?

There was this anonymous person in England of age 57 years who had this afterlife experience. In the year 2011, he collapsed in the middle of his work and was admitted to Southampton General Hospital. While the medical personnel was inserting a catheter into his body, his heart went under cardiac arrest and due to deficiency of oxygen supply to brain cells, his brain flat-lined. According to Biology, the 57-year-old man was supposed to be dead and shouldn’t have known about any of the incidents that were taking place three minutes before his started to pump again; but his story says something otherwise. He claims to have the feeling of leaving his body and knows every medical staff that was present in that room and clearly remembers about each and every procedure that was performed while he was unconscious. When data were compared according to the tales told by this anonymous, the results shocked every person present in that room.

When do we most likely have a near death experience?

According to experts, these dream-like or hallucinatory experiences can be broadly categorized into seven different themes.

  1. Having a sudden sense of fear.
  2. Having uncanny dreams of animals or plants.
  3. Experiencing a Déjà vu situation.
  4. Seeing dead members of the family.
  5. Recalling all the events post unconsciousness or cardiac arrest.
  6. Seeing a dazzling light.
  7. Or having dreams related to violence and persecution.

Reports were collected from various people and almost everyone’s story differed from the other. Some experienced feelings of torment –like being burned alive or buried upright, while some stated feelings of peace and experienced oblivion. Some shared stories of having a déjà vu –they had a feeling that they knew about what was about going to happen next. Researchers are digging deeper into the matters of near-death experience as to break the afterlife aspects from the confinements of religious stance.

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